Crafting Madness #1: Volufaketric Fog in Asylum

Original Author: Francisco Tufró If you’ve been following Asylum’s development, you already know that the game’s graphics are based on pre-rendered textures projected on top of a cube with inverted normals. Since gouraud shading is avoided in these faces, you have the illusion of a panoramic view. Using this technique instead of 3D rendering allows … Continue reading “Crafting Madness #1: Volufaketric Fog in Asylum”

What Is In a Name?

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm Today I’d like to revisit one of the most basic questions when designing a resource system for a game engine: How should resources refer to other resources? It seems like a simple, almost trivial question. Yet, as we shall see, no matter what solution we choose, there are hidden pitfalls along … Continue reading “What Is In a Name?”

Analyzing free-to-play games development: the Game / Team Clock

Original Author: Raul Aliaga Diaz Motivation There’s currently a lot of information out there about how to approach the free-to-play business model and its implications in the Game Development Process. It becomes increasingly complicated to make sense of all this information, however: how does it apply particularly to successful games; how does knowing and doing … Continue reading “Analyzing free-to-play games development: the Game / Team Clock”