Multi-Threaded Programming 3: Locking, Lock-Free, Wait-Free

Original Author: Joseph Simons Now I want to cover the basic terminology used when talking about concurrent algorithms. This will be helpful so that you are familiar with the available techniques you have when you have multiple threads operating together. The term concurrent itself refers to an algorithm that can scale from being synchronous on … Continue reading “Multi-Threaded Programming 3: Locking, Lock-Free, Wait-Free”

GDC 2014 Report

Original Author: Jaewon Jung It’s that time again. Personally I think GDC this year was more interesting that a few preceding ones. Next-gen consoles have arrived, mobile gaming is really big still, and a quality Virtual Reality is becoming a reality. PowerVR Ray Tracing Hardware and Mobile Graphics ImgTec announced its upcoming mobile GPU, PowerVR … Continue reading “GDC 2014 Report”

Principled Design

Original Author: Dan-Speed What makes good software? temporal coupling, informative error messages. Perhaps it’s well documented where it needs to be. These are obvious candidates, but even here there is room for debate between the individuals who work on the software. One property of software that I like to see is a consistency of vision, … Continue reading “Principled Design”