The indie roadmap

Original Author: Cedric Guillemet

Last week I had lunch with some friends who enjoy their new-indie game developer status. We discussed game ideas, concepts, some mechanics… And right after the first beer, they told me: “We don’t have anything playable yet but I’m working on the decal system.” This brought me back to my own troubles working on .the rush//. I tried to make them understand that if when you don’t have something playable within the first week of development, even if you spend the next 10 years in production, you won’t have a good game….or even just a game. With my humble experience I’ve made an Indie GameDev Roadmap.

It doesn’t guaranty you will make a good game but not following those simple rules will decrease your chances to release something worthy.

Step 1 : The first hour/the first night.

The universe, Minecraft or your game, all started with a big ambition.