PRACTICE Makes Better: Self-Improvement Through Game Design

Original Author: Ben Serviss A slide from Robert Yang’s PRACTICE 2013 talk, “Well-Made: Back to Black Mesa.” “How do you let people betray each other?” “How do you handle gay marriage?” “How do you get people to want to play?” No, the above aren’t results from a Google auto-complete gone wrong. These were just a … Continue reading “PRACTICE Makes Better: Self-Improvement Through Game Design”

The indie roadmap

Original Author: Cedric Guillemet Last week I had lunch with some friends who enjoy their new-indie game developer status. We discussed game ideas, concepts, some mechanics… And right after the first beer, they told me: “We don’t have anything playable yet but I’m working on the decal system.” This brought me back to my own … Continue reading “The indie roadmap”

Always Multiply Your Estimates by π

Original Author: Yossarian King Project estimation is a black art, nowhere more so than in game development. I once heard of a mysterious cabal of numerologists that multiplied their time estimates by π. The practice allegedly gave them sufficient buffer for new requirements, testing, iteration, and other arcane changes in scope. This struck me as … Continue reading “Always Multiply Your Estimates by π”

OpenGL dumb mistakes: the mysterious Perfect Circular Hole

Original Author: Adam Martin I’ve got a long-running project around rendering 3D Earth in interesting ways. It’s being used in a game project, and some non-game stuff too. Here’s a recent screenshot: I added a particle system that uses Vector Fields to move the particles based on arbitrary incoming data, and then wraps it round … Continue reading “OpenGL dumb mistakes: the mysterious Perfect Circular Hole”

4 Beginner Projects for Launching into Game Programming

Original Author: Brice Morrison Photo credit: minipixel Lots of students and beginner developers ask me, “What’s the fastest way to become a game programmer?” Once you’re an amazing programmer, the world is open to you. You can make your own indie projects. Other developers and artists will want to work with you. You can get … Continue reading “4 Beginner Projects for Launching into Game Programming”

How to become a Graphics Programmer in the games industry

Original Author: Oliver Franzke As we were recently hiring a new Graphics Programmer at work I had to identify what kind of technical knowledge and skills we would expect from a potential candidate. Although this definition will be somewhat specific to what we look for in a candidate, it might still be of interest to … Continue reading “How to become a Graphics Programmer in the games industry”

You have failed

Original Author: Angelo Pesce / C0de517e This appears also on c0de517e. Today i was watching SIEGE 2013 on leadership, and it prompted me to stop the article I was working on to start drafting this. I recommend watching his talk, it’s quite good and it talks about the key to leadership: responsibility. Indeed, leading is … Continue reading “You have failed”