Scripted Network Debugging

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm Debugging network problems is horrible. Everything is asynchronous. Messages can get lost, scrambled or delivered out-of-order. The system is full of third-party black boxes: external transport layers (PSN, Steam, etc), routers, firewalls and ineptly written packet intercepting anti-virus programs. (I’ve got my eye on you!) Reproducing a problem requires setting up … Continue reading “Scripted Network Debugging”

Horrible Hansoft

Original Author: Rob-Galanakis I’ve used Hansoft for 5 years across 2 jobs. Over that time, I’ve had more arguments about Hansoft than I wish to remember. In this post, I’m going to present a dialogue between Socrates, a software development, and Phonion, a Project Manager (Producer, Product Owner, Product Manager, whatever) about use of Hansoft. I’m … Continue reading “Horrible Hansoft”

Accidental Journalism: Tracking Game Industry Layoffs with

Original Author: Ben Serviss As in any industry, layoffs in the games business are an accepted reality. Anyone working in development or production today is acutely aware of the tumultuous state of games as the dominance of consoles gives way to a touchscreen-driven order, as the costs to produce triple-A titles climb higher into the … Continue reading “Accidental Journalism: Tracking Game Industry Layoffs with”