A Simple System to Patch your Game Content

Original Author: Colt McAnlis This article explains why it’s important to have your own patching system, and describes how to implement a simple patching system modeled after the Quake3 file-based patching process. Introduction Since the rise of PC games in the early 90s, game developers have needed ways to quickly issue fixes, updated builds, and … Continue reading “A Simple System to Patch your Game Content”

Starting a new game project? Ask the hard questions first

Original Author: Raul Aliaga Diaz We have all been there. You wanted to start a new game project, and possibly have been dreaming of the possibilities for a long time, crafting stories, drawing sketches, imagining the dazzling effects on that particular epic moment of the game… then you start to talk to some friends about … Continue reading “Starting a new game project? Ask the hard questions first”

Speaker Highlight – Tim Stobo

Original Author: AltDevConf Today’s Speaker Highlight is Tim Stobo of Kennedy Miller Mitchell Interactive Productions. Tim’s session is called “I Can’t Believe I Do This For A Living: The Generalist Game Designer”. Development at KMMIP is built around the concept of game designers as ‘vision holders’. They work across disciplines within the team and act … Continue reading “Speaker Highlight – Tim Stobo”