Unity Technologies Sponsors AltDev Student Showcase

Original Author: AltDevConf Last week we announced that as part of the AltDev Student Summit we would be holding a competition for students called the AltDev Student Showcase, in which students could pitch their current projects to a panel of industry veterans in order receive critique and advice on the direction they were taking. The … Continue reading “Unity Technologies Sponsors AltDev Student Showcase”

Kickstarter campign isn’t looking so hot?

Original Author: Jason-Swearingen This is a guest posting by Eddie, Novaleaf’s Game Dev Lead Kickstarter campaign isn’t looking so hot? Well, dang it. Well, that’s currently what’s happening to our Kickstarter campaign, God of Puzzle. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about what you need to know if you’re planning to start a Kickstarter … Continue reading “Kickstarter campign isn’t looking so hot?”

Our Self-Publishing PC Adventure, Part 1

Original Author: Aaron San Filippo (This was originally posted on Flippfly.com) When we started Flippfly as a company, our thoughts were mostly on IOS: The developer ecosystem is thriving, the barrier to entry is super low, the hardware is awesome, and there are millions upon millions of potential customers. But through our experience with our … Continue reading “Our Self-Publishing PC Adventure, Part 1”

Head Over Heels: Upper Body Movement In Gameplay

Original Author: Simon-Unger For every gameplay feature that makes it in, ten were cut so that it could survive. In the epic battle (or collaboration, depending on your team/company) between Designers, Programmers, and Animators to see these features get shipped, some core fundamentals often fall by the wayside. In games animation, it is very common … Continue reading “Head Over Heels: Upper Body Movement In Gameplay”

Building an HTML5 Game? Don’t Shrug Off Atlases.

Original Author: Colt McAnlis HTML5 is an amazing technology for designing web sites. The general flexibility of HTML5 markup and JavaScript often leads web developers to create their content using individual image elements. This approach works well for small sites with low overhead, but for games or other high-load websites, using droves of single image … Continue reading “Building an HTML5 Game? Don’t Shrug Off Atlases.”

A Data-Oriented, Data-Driven System for Vector Fields – Part 1

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm A vector field is a function that assigns a vector value to each point in 3D space. Vector fields can be used to represent things like wind (the vector field specifies the wind velocity at each point in space), water, magnetism, etc. To me, wind is the most interesting use case. … Continue reading “A Data-Oriented, Data-Driven System for Vector Fields – Part 1”