Porting your iOS game to Blackberry Playbook (and future BB10 phones)

Original Author: Charilaos Kalogirou Continuing after my The basics If you are like me you will probably think that the Playbook has something to do with the tech that used to run Blackberry’s phones. This misconception was so strong in me that I didn’t even consider a port to it. The truth is however, that … Continue reading “Porting your iOS game to Blackberry Playbook (and future BB10 phones)”

The Home Stretch

Original Author: Kyle-Kulyk …almost…there… I swear I can see the finish line up ahead.  If you squint, you can just make it out.  It’s there, I assure you.  As we approach the launch of our second mobile title, Vex Blocks, I can’t help but get excited at the prospect of putting our finished product in … Continue reading “The Home Stretch”

Using Chrome://tracing to view your inline profiling data

Original Author: Colt McAnlis If you have an inline profiling system, with some slight modifications, you can view that data in the Chrome web browser rather than writing a visualization tool yourself. Having a nice graphical representation of profiling data is crucial to finding critical hotspots in a realtime application. Creating a viewer application for … Continue reading “Using Chrome://tracing to view your inline profiling data”

How to get a job as an animator in games…

Original Author: Simon-Unger Andy Samberg, hair performance capture session.   The competition for jobs in the gaming industry is getting increasingly fierce (many companies receiving 100′s of applicants for a single position), yet many applicants consistently make the same mistakes which hurt their chances of landing the gig. I’m going to cover some of the … Continue reading “How to get a job as an animator in games…”

Cleaning bad code

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm Guess what! You’ve just inherited a stinking, steaming pile of messy old code. Congratulations! It’s all yours. Bad code can code can come from all kinds of places. Middleware, the internet, perhaps even your own company. You know that nice guy in the corner that nobody had time to check up … Continue reading “Cleaning bad code”