Four Tips for Porting Your Game to the Web with Native Client

Original Author: Colt McAnlis When people hear ‘web gaming,’ they usually get the image of a 2D game with bad artwork and simplistic gameplay.  With the power of Chrome and console-quality games to the browser. A screenshot of Ubisoft’s  From Dust running in Chrome on Native Client. This game, originally an XBOX 360 title, looks … Continue reading “Four Tips for Porting Your Game to the Web with Native Client”

More Adventures in Failing to Crash Properly

Original Author: Bruce Dawson In last week’s episode we discussed how 32-bit processes on 64-bit Windows might corrupt the exception state after a crash, and how any processes on 64-bit Windows might actually continue running after a crash. Serious stuff. This week’s installment of “Failing to Fail” is less dramatic, but still important for developers … Continue reading “More Adventures in Failing to Crash Properly”

Programmer Moneyball

Original Author: Ted Spence What’s the secret to hiring great programmers? Do you have to have a Google-style cafeteria, or Microsoft-style interviews, or Scrum or Agile? All of those things help, but keep in mind that it’s also possible to find great talent the major companies let slip through their fingers. The Moneyball Strategy For … Continue reading “Programmer Moneyball”

Pursuing Excellence

Original Author: Aaron San Filippo [Note: This was originally posted on] Awhile back, I argued that making an excellent game should be a game developer’s #1 priority. I also suggested that in the absence of marketing dollars: mediocre games usually fail, good games often fail, and excellent games rarely fail. These ideas were a little more … Continue reading “Pursuing Excellence”

How to succeed on Kickstarter

Original Author: Tyler York Tim Schaffer’s DoubleFine campaign and many others, countless aspiring game developers have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their game. Yet many of these game developers are seeing their projects fail to raise funding, and without serious celebrity status it’s hard to generate significant interest about your project. I’m a member … Continue reading “How to succeed on Kickstarter”

Unity, Replayed

Original Author: Eddie Cameron Replaying actions in a game is a surprisingly common feature. There are match replays of course, but recorded actions are also used in cutscenes, ‘ghost’ players in racing games, and a variety of puzzles, like those for Clank in Ratchet & Clank:A Crack in Time. Many engines support at least a limited ability … Continue reading “Unity, Replayed”

Call for Industry Speakers to Address AltDev Student Summit

Original Author: Luke Dicken The AltDev Student Summit will be held November 10th and 11th, with the aim of bringing industry veterans together to explain to students the reality of life making games. Individually, many of us already do outreach to local education programs to provide these kinds of insights, so the Student Summit aims … Continue reading “Call for Industry Speakers to Address AltDev Student Summit”