Promoting your indie game company with a podcast

Original Author: Tyler York This is a guest post by Matt Hackett of LostCast. Introduction A few months before jumping fulltime into our independent game startup, my co-founder and I started a podcast. We did this largely because of the advice from other successful independent game companies like guerilla marketing techniques with remarkable results. It also sounded like … Continue reading “Promoting your indie game company with a podcast”

Photon Mapping Part 2

Original Author: Simon Yeung Introduction Continue with Spherical Harmonics(SH) basis. 4 SH coefficients is used  for each color channels. So 3 textures are used for RGB channels (total 12 coefficients). Baking the light map To bake the light map, the scene must have a set of unique, non-overlapping texture coordinates(UV) that correspond to a unique … Continue reading “Photon Mapping Part 2”

Never build upon closed-source frameworks

Original Author: Rob-Galanakis A poster on who is using Autodesk’s CAT asks:  The problem I´m having: I can control the ears now manually, after setting up the reactions, but apparently the CAT system isn´t respecting any keyframes I set on the facial controls, neither in setup nor animation mode. He already hinted at the answer … Continue reading “Never build upon closed-source frameworks”

WPA–Xperf Trace Analysis Reimagined

Original Author: Bruce-Dawson Technology/ Code / For many years xperfview.exe has been the main tool for analyzing Windows Performance Toolkit started including wpa.exe as an alternative. While the early versions had some significant rough edges, the latest version (6.2.8400.0, released in tandem with Windows 8 RC) is now superior to xperfview in most ways. In … Continue reading “WPA–Xperf Trace Analysis Reimagined”

Hack Day Report

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm Last Friday, we had our second hack day (aka do-what-you-want day, aka google day) at the office. Different companies seem to take different approaches to hack days. At some places it just means that you can spend a certain percentage of your working week on your own projects. We wanted something … Continue reading “Hack Day Report”

Writing portable code: A process full of gain

Original Author: Charilaos Kalogirou Lately, I am spending some of my time into porting my game engine to the Android platform. It is a rather refreshing, interesting, rewarding and also frustrating experience. All at the same time. The process helped me learn new lessons and remember some old ones I had forgot. Getting confortable First … Continue reading “Writing portable code: A process full of gain”

Bringing SIMD Accelerated Vector Math to the Web Through Dart

Original Author: John McCutchan Recently, I have been working on a vector math library for Dart. Boringly, I named it Dart Vector Math. The latest version can be found on github. My two biggest goals for Dart Vector Math are the following: Near 100% GLSL compatible syntax. This includes the awesome vector shuffle syntax, and … Continue reading “Bringing SIMD Accelerated Vector Math to the Web Through Dart”