How we manage the virtual team

Original Author: Kyle-Kulyk Email communication only can sometimes lead to unintended consequences Itzy Interactive is, at its core, three primary individuals working from their home offices.  We’ve found it useful, and cost effective, to contract out specific work around the world but the main group consists of three.  Myself, the ex-financial guy, Will, my brother-in-law … Continue reading “How we manage the virtual team”

The Depth Jam

Original Author: Jonathan Blow Last week, I got together with three other designers for a four-day intensive design retreat known as the Depth Jam. The other attendees were: Daniel Benmergui of Storyteller. This event was an experiment. Chris and I had been discussing the idea for a while, but it took us a couple of … Continue reading “The Depth Jam”

Working with brands, utilizing player emotion, and other lessons in game monetization

Original Author: Tyler York Last week, our SF Game Monetization meetup group hosted its second speaker event, Maximize Your Virtual Goods Revenue. We had over 150 people attend to socialize and watch three awesome speakers share what they’ve learned about game monetization. Check out each speaker’s presentation below. (Author’s note: I can’t get the embedded … Continue reading “Working with brands, utilizing player emotion, and other lessons in game monetization”

That’s Not Normal–the Performance of Odd Floats

Original Author: Bruce-Dawson Denormals, NaNs, and infinities round out the set of standard floating-point values, and these important values can sometimes cause performance problems. The good news is, it’s getting better, and there are diagnostics you can use to watch for problems. In this post I briefly explain what these special numbers are, why they … Continue reading “That’s Not Normal–the Performance of Odd Floats”

Playing (with) Video

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm So you want to play some video? Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Just download some video playing library and call the play_video() function. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Well, you have to make sure that the video is encoded correctly, that the library works on all platforms and plays nice with your memory, file, sound … Continue reading “Playing (with) Video”