Pushing the Button More Carefully

Original Author: Alex Norton

Hi all, first post on here, but it’s a topic that I feel particularly strongly about and I decided I would share my thoughts. Please keep in mind that all views expressed here are purely my opinion and I in no way intend any offense.

Game Design

Game design is always about looking back before looking forward. Sometimes this is done consciously, other times it is done unconsciously, but it always happens. Every great new idea is built on improving an one or more old ideas, and the best game designers are well aware of this. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says to me “don’t reinvent the wheel”, which they often quickly regret saying as I begin to lecture them on how if no-one ever reinvented the wheel we would never have tyres, suspension, alignments, treading, etc. All things which have made the wheel more efficient, smoother and just generally better.

A great design for a reinvented wheel