What You Can Learn About User Experience From An Eccentric Billionaire

Original Author: Rob Braun Like so many other people out there, I was recently at GDC 2012 and for the flight there and back I flew Virgin America. For the uninitiated, Virgin is owned by British billionaire Richard Branson. Branson has gained a reputation over the years for being a bit of an eccentric, but … Continue reading “What You Can Learn About User Experience From An Eccentric Billionaire”

Be an Architect

Original Author: Andrew Meade So I haven’t posted in a while – my sincerest apologies. With GDC, schoolwork, moving, work, and my own projects, I’ve been a bit swamped for time. But here I am, fresh and ready to talk about level design. Now, I’m not sure whom I’m directing this to. It may be … Continue reading “Be an Architect”

All the nuances of static_cast (and others)

Original Author: Jaewon Jung Recently I noticed my knowledge about C++ cast operators had been far from complete. For instance, I had thought static_cast is only for static upcasts(or downcasts also?) in an inheritance hierarchy. And for some legitimate casts between primitive types(like between int and float or between int and unsigned int), I used … Continue reading “All the nuances of static_cast (and others)”

Getting started with Google App Engine (for .NET developers)

Original Author: Jason-Swearingen Here at Novaleaf, we make consumer apps in addition to games. Our first web app is a Thai specific computer hardware eCommerce web app built on Google App Engine (GAE), using Java. I’m historically (and well, currently) a .NET developer, but find the idea of a GAE based game server platform intriguing. … Continue reading “Getting started with Google App Engine (for .NET developers)”