How to build irresistible social casino games

Original Author: Betable Blog This month’s SlotSpot Facebook slots game. He shared his knowledge of the market and went through SlotSpot as a case study for social casino games. A rapidly growing market It’s no secret that there’s been a ton of interest in social casino games in the past 6 months. Two social casino game companies, … Continue reading “How to build irresistible social casino games”

Should I Volunteer?

Original Author: Heather M Decker-Davis I absolutely love encouraging people to volunteer within the game development community. It benefits the particular effort in question, the individual, and the game development community at large. However, over the course of being heavily involved in a variety of volunteer operations, it’s come to my attention that the general … Continue reading “Should I Volunteer?”

PIMPL vs Pure Virtual Interfaces

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm In C++, separating the interface (public declarations) of a class from its implementation (private methods, members and definitions) serves several useful purposes: Implementation details are hidden, making interfaces easier to read and understand. Smaller header files with fewer dependencies means faster compile times. A weaker coupling between the interface and the … Continue reading “PIMPL vs Pure Virtual Interfaces”