You’re So Vain

Original Author: Eddie Cameron Games and gamers are a pretty self-involved bunch. We make games that are impossible to play without a couple years practice, games with communities that are hostile to “outsiders”, and games that talk, sometimes literally, about themselves. Are we still so insecure that we’re afraid to explore other fields or audiences? … Continue reading “You’re So Vain”

I Feel Used

Original Author: Jameson Durall Most Game Developers will agree that the Used Games market is significantly impacting the revenue we receive.   I think what most consumers don’t realize is that every time they buy a used game, there is ZERO money making it back to the Game Developers.  All of those profits are going directly … Continue reading “I Feel Used”

Announcing AltDevPanel

Original Author: Don Olmstead I’m pleased to announce a new regular feature for #AltDevBlogADay, the #AltDevPanel. Originally conceived by Claire Blackshaw, the #AltDevPanel bring together industry professionals for a casual talk about a gamedev topic. Like the site itself we’ll be discussing all facets of the industry. The first panel will bring together Mike Acton, … Continue reading “Announcing AltDevPanel”

AltDevConf Schedule

Original Author: Heather M Decker-Davis We are extremely pleased to unveil the full schedule for AltDevConf 2012! Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled talks will run for approximately 55 minutes, including audience Q&A, with new talks starting every hour. Please click on a link in the schedule to register for a session! Saturday, February 11th, 2012 … Continue reading “AltDevConf Schedule”