Feedback loop

Original Author: Kyle-Kulyk Android Marketplace, plug..plug..plug).  I thought I’d take a moment to highlight how some of the feedback we received changed our game during development. “It looks like a grave yard”  Itzy3D was always about creating from the beginning.  The central idea that the entire game was based on was that users like to … Continue reading “Feedback loop”

AltDevConf Programming – Wolfgang Engel, Igor Lobanchikov, and Tim Martin

Original Author: Colin Barré-Brisebois Allow me to introduce you to Wolfgang Engel, Igor Lobanchikov, and Tim Martin, from the Programming Track. Their talk: “Dynamic Global Illumination”. Wolfgang and Igor will be presenting this one. What will it be about? From Wolfgang: _____________________________________________________ Dynamic Global Illumination with a large number of light sources. We have implemented a GI system based … Continue reading “AltDevConf Programming – Wolfgang Engel, Igor Lobanchikov, and Tim Martin”

Building a memory system – Part 1: Fundamentals

Original Author: Stefan Reinalter Today, I want to start a series on how to build your own memory system to be used in your game or engine. The series will cover how to handle allocations with vastly different lifetimes using specialized allocators, how to handle alignment restrictions, how to implement debugging features like memory tracking … Continue reading “Building a memory system – Part 1: Fundamentals”