Darwinian_Coding: ( Talking to your AI’s: Universal Language )

Original Author: jake kolb v continuing from “Importance of Misunderstandings in Creature Dialog” Context: where we use this “Creature Dialog” covers how different video-game entities, such as Space Marines or Nihilist Droids, exchange knowledge and feelings, such as “might you know where is the extra food”, “i am seriously hungry”, or “give me your food now”. … Continue reading “Darwinian_Coding: ( Talking to your AI’s: Universal Language )”

Game Pre-Mortem

Original Author: Charilaos Kalogirou Happy new year everybody! It seems we made it to 2012 successfully! Lets hope this will be a prosperous year for everybody, with many new things to learn and accomplish. With my game entering the final phase of development, I think its time for a pre-mortem. We all often get to … Continue reading “Game Pre-Mortem”

Reflection in C++, Part 2: The Simple Implementation of Splinter Cell

Original Author: Don Williamson The first part in this series on Reflection in C++ gave a high level overview of many of the possibilities open to you when adding reflection to your games. In this second part I’m going to go into details and cover the system used to aid the rendering engine in Splinter … Continue reading “Reflection in C++, Part 2: The Simple Implementation of Splinter Cell”

A Nobler Cause

Original Author: Andrew Meade Many of you will remember my last post – “Awful Lot of Heterosexuals Around Here”. It generated no small amount of feedback. The reception was definitely mixed. Some people were welcoming to the notion, some people didn’t really think that it mattered either way, and some people got kind of…ugly. A … Continue reading “A Nobler Cause”