A Nobler Cause

Original Author: Andrew Meade

Many of you will remember my last post – “Awful Lot of Heterosexuals Around Here”. It generated no small amount of feedback. The reception was definitely mixed. Some people were welcoming to the notion, some people didn’t really think that it mattered either way, and some people got kind of…ugly.

A few days ago it was reposted on a case for why Nathan Drake would make a great homosexual. (Disclaimer: Just as Jim said, One would never mean to dictate to Naughty Dog how to handle their own IP, it was merely just a notion that was built upon.)

So yeah, all this stuff happened.

I had intended to just make my statement and fade off into the night , but too many questions have been asked, and too many topics have been discussed. There are things I have to answer to. Chiefly, the biggest questions that were brought up ad nauseum were “Is it really our problem? And if it is, how do we proceed?”

I made a lot of aggressive claims a few weeks ago when I wrote my initial piece, so I do owe it to everyone to follow up with some thoughts and ideas on how we can specifically improve and innovate – through developing relevant and (most importantly) fun games.

Fun is the sticky wicket here, isn’t it? I mean, as so many have pointed out, games are about fun – the base of fun is usually derived from mechanics. Therefore, barring a game where the mechanics involve having sex, it shouldn’t really matter. Right? I say no, that’s not right. First off, not all games are meant to be fun anymore. Who here thinks that

The End Of Us