AltDevConf Education – Heather Decker Davis

Original Author: Luke Dicken Today I’m really pleased to properly introduce you to another of our speakers for the Education track of the AltDevConf: Heather Decker-Davis. Heather is someone you might already know from coverage of the conference, as she is co-chair of the Education track alongside me. She has also recently been appointed as … Continue reading “AltDevConf Education – Heather Decker Davis”

Usability Evaluation for Video Games (Part 3): Psychophysiological Measures

Original Author: Georgios Christou Hello, and welcome to this third and final part of a series on Usability Evaluation for Video Games. In the first part of this series (here) I talked about the necessity to have a framework upon which to base our understanding of player actions. In the second part (here) I gave … Continue reading “Usability Evaluation for Video Games (Part 3): Psychophysiological Measures”

Being There?

Original Author: Deano The vast majority of the games our industry make are virtual. Computer software that transports us to other worlds shown to us via a video screen and controlled via clever little gadgets. And yet we develop them and limit them with physical limitations, for most people (the 80-90% who are able bodied) … Continue reading “Being There?”

Growing Game Animation – State Changes and Pathing

Original Author: Mike Jungbluth Character animation in games can not rely solely on the methods used in film. Creating emotionally engaging and empathetic characters in a video game doesn’t stop when you finalize the animation. If you want to fully apply the 12 principles of animation into your game, you need to be aware of how … Continue reading “Growing Game Animation – State Changes and Pathing”

A Candid Chat

Original Author: Andrew Meade I present to you four different people in the game industry that intend to represent LGBT issues in this piece. From indie devs, to AAA studios, to mobile software, these guys and gals have decided to open up to us, and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Our panel of developers: … Continue reading “A Candid Chat”