A Pragmatic Approach to Performance

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm Is premature optimization the root of all evil? Or is the fix-it-later attitude to performance turning programmers from proud ”computer scientists” to despicable ”script kiddies”? These are questions without definite answers, but in this article I’ll try to describe my own approach to performance. How I go about to ensure that … Continue reading “A Pragmatic Approach to Performance”

Intrusive Lists

Original Author: John McCutchan I will finish off my series of articles on data oriented programming by discussing the linked list. I will detail the linked list implementation I use, the intrusive linked list, which I first encountered many years ago hacking on the Linux kernel. The intrusive linked list is the data oriented version … Continue reading “Intrusive Lists”

Hogrocket: from porky launch to alien invasion (part 1)

Original Author: Ben Ward Howdy howdy howdy! Ben from Hogrocket here. If you’re a regular reader of the Hogrocket blog you might have possibly seen Indie Dev Day. Here’s the elevator pitch for the presentation: Launching Hogrocket: How to Create Your Own Indie Games Studio Starting a new company from scratch can be tough, especially … Continue reading “Hogrocket: from porky launch to alien invasion (part 1)”

Procedural Generation Cost Analysis

Original Author: Tyler Coleman Procedural Generation (definition from Procedural Content Wiki) – “Procedural content generation (PCG) is the programmatic generation of game content using a random or pseudo-random process that results in an unpredictable range of possible game play spaces.” The concept of a procedural generation cost analysis first came to me when I started … Continue reading “Procedural Generation Cost Analysis”

Spherical Harmonic Lighting

Original Author: Simon Yeung Introduction Spherical Harmonics(SH) functions are a set of orthogonal basis functions defined in spherical coordinates using imaginary numbers. In this post, we use the following conversion between spherical and cartesian coordinates: Since we are dealing with real value functions, we only need to deal with real spherical harmonics functions which in … Continue reading “Spherical Harmonic Lighting”