Handy git tips

Original Author: Martin Zielinski [This is the extended version of a post I originally published on my personal blog a while ago.] Since working at Nokia I have the pleasure to work with a ‘Distributed Version Control System’. As I have used mostly perforce before the switch was both a blessing and a curse. I … Continue reading “Handy git tips”

Do The Way We Use Pronouns Relate to Camera Perspective?

Original Author: Mike Jungbluth radio interview on my commute into work one day. In it, James Pennebaker displays how the words we view as filler in a sentence, such as pronouns, articles and prepositions, actually work as mirrors of our true intentions. Think of them as the micro-expressions of language. Throughout the book, he examines … Continue reading “Do The Way We Use Pronouns Relate to Camera Perspective?”

Reality is Borken* – How do we avoid the ‘Workification’ of Game Programming

Original Author: Doctor Mike Reddy For whatever reason, I was thinking of the Matrix just now**, and it hit me: All this talk of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and encouraging programming in schools was an embodiment of the needs of the parents/Government/IT Sector and not really that of the children. In the Matrix, … Continue reading “Reality is Borken* – How do we avoid the ‘Workification’ of Game Programming”

Eurogamer 2011

Original Author: Stacie Hawdon On the 24th September I made the 400mile round trip to London with freshly burned showreels, business cards and a big list of games I wanted to play. Probably more than my day ticket could handle. So for those of you that couldn’t make it this is how the trip went… … Continue reading “Eurogamer 2011”

Sam We Am – a “community game” concept

Original Author: Carlo Delallana How can we make social games more social? It’s an odd question to ask since what we are essentially calling for is more of what already exists. According to Wikipedia, the word social refers to: …the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they … Continue reading “Sam We Am – a “community game” concept”