A blob array

Original Author: John McCutchan After reading my last article, some readers asked for an example of a structure that lives inside a blob. For this article, I thought I would share my blob array (std::vector equivalent). It is, internally, a departure from every other array class I’ve ever read. Also, my blob array demonstrates the … Continue reading “A blob array”

Collectible Intent

Original Author: Mike Jungbluth Collectibles are everywhere. Be it coins, ammo, orbs or pegasus feathers, it’s hard to find a game that doesn’t have them littered throughout. They can serve as currency, health, or points towards a high score. They can be hard to find, or generously scattered everywhere the player looks. They can add … Continue reading “Collectible Intent”

Buried Treasure

Original Author: Keith Fuller When I first started as a junior programmer at Raven I was paired with another recent hire, Ste. Prolific and very bright, this chap was an import from the UK and had written code for several professional projects on a couple of different platforms I’d never heard of (what’s a Sinclair?). … Continue reading “Buried Treasure”