Agile – Specialisations Still Matter

Original Author: Lee Winder Scrum Prohibits all Specializations’. The part that stuck me was the following: I understand that Scrum has been applied mainly to software products and that the elimination of “specialties” means that the database programmer, UI programmer and QA engineer should all be able to perform each other’s roles equally. This is … Continue reading “Agile – Specialisations Still Matter”

Quasi compile-time string hashing

Original Author: Stefan Reinalter Technology/ Code / One scenario that is quite common in all game engines is having to look-up some resource (texture, shader parameter, material, script, etc.) based on a string, with e.g. code like the following: Texture* tex = textureLibrary->FindTexture(“my_texture”); ShaderParameter param = shader->FindParameter(“matrixWVP”); For today, we are not so much concerned … Continue reading “Quasi compile-time string hashing”