C++ Events

Original Author: Christian Schladetsch Motivation All interactive game architectures are, by their nature, forced to be somewhat event-driven. There are various hardware-based events for input, audio and network systems, etc. Furthermore, in modern game systems events are often used to drive many other aspects, such as: handling abstracted input from Gui controls, such as ButtonClicked … Continue reading “C++ Events”

Darwinian_Coding: ( Cultural_Text )

Original Author: jake kolb v Context: where we use this “Cultural Text” handles rendering text into images to display on-screen, use in textures, or export as a resource file. This set of services is used to correctly format different languages, cultural styles, and font features such as color, strike-thru, indent, or shadowing. It also encompasses … Continue reading “Darwinian_Coding: ( Cultural_Text )”