Backface culling 101

Original Author: Jon Moore This post is for artists, designers, and anyone else who has had backface culling shoddily explained to them. Perhaps I should have checked the Venn Diagram of AltDev readership before writing about a rendering technique specifically with non-programmers in mind. I know I’ve gotten embarrassingly confused by forgetting what’s important as … Continue reading “Backface culling 101”

Some Hows and Whys of Usability Testing

Original Author: Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson Usability testing is on the increase led by companies like PlayableGames and Vertical Slice in the UK, and Microsoft Games Studios having offered their gameplay lab services to their exclusive developers for Xbox from before 20031. Yet it can be regarded as expensive, troublesome to organise and just a … Continue reading “Some Hows and Whys of Usability Testing”

Getting a business off the ground – Taking the gamble and losing

Original Author: Tiffany-Smith It was a nice sunny winters day in Southern California when I decided I wanted to start up my own game studio. I had just spent several months working hard on shipping Cave Story for Wii and hadn’t seen the light of day for what seemed like forever. My head was foggy … Continue reading “Getting a business off the ground – Taking the gamble and losing”