Original Author: Byron-Atkinson-Jones The indie-game panel I recently took part in a panel at this years Develop conference in Brighton. A lot of the topics centred on the subject of work-for-hire and more importantly, how do you balance that along with creating games that your company set out to make. This is a subject that … Continue reading “Balance”

The unexpected performance of debug builds

Original Author: Tom Gaulton Following on from previous post, The unexpected behaviour of debug builds, I thought I’d follow up with some observations on debug performance, again focussing on the effect of the debugger as opposed to the debug build itself. The Debug Heap (revisited) This first example shows how the debug heap can really … Continue reading “The unexpected performance of debug builds”

Using Kickstarter to fund our indie game or Summer of Adventure, Part 2

Original Author: Becca Posey THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES What a big month this July has been for Robots Love Ice Cream, and the Kickstarter project we’ve launched to promote it, we’ve experienced a lot. There’s been a lot of excitement, a few surprises, some achievements, and some challenges, as well. I’ve decided to use this post … Continue reading “Using Kickstarter to fund our indie game or Summer of Adventure, Part 2”

Gathering and Analyzing Data with Django: Part 1

Original Author: Don Olmstead Playtesting is a great way to tune gameplay. It can provide insightful feedback which can be applied to provide a superior experience. However there may be some valuable information that is not articulated through interviews, because its not something the player is conscious of. By recording their encounters and then analyzing … Continue reading “Gathering and Analyzing Data with Django: Part 1”

Coding Music

Original Author: Michael Tedder After moving into a new apartment just last week, I still have a mountain of unpacked boxes surrounding me, so I’m taking this opportunity to attempt writing my first not-so-programming-related post.  If this sounds like a bad excuse… well, be assured it is!  🙂 David Czarnecki What Makes You “Tick” #2? … Continue reading “Coding Music”

Writing Android Apps using Visual Studio

Original Author: Erwin Coumans Google has made it unnecessarily complicated to write Android apps under Windows for C++ developers who are used to Visual Studio. Hopefully this posting makes it easier. This article is about setting up your Android development environment in combination with Visual Studio and WinDBG for mobile systems beta. The result is … Continue reading “Writing Android Apps using Visual Studio”