From the Codeface

Original Author: Thaddaeus Frogley  Last week I was asked the following question. This is not unusual, but it being a real live game programming question, I thought perhaps, just perhaps, the answer might be of interest to more than just the person who asked it. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. How do … Continue reading “From the Codeface”

XNA XML Serialisation Tips

Original Author: Glenn Watson I put this post up due to Ben Carter’s post on generic C# XML serialisation and I thought this post is complimentry. To read his article go here: /2011/07/02/the-blunt-but-useful-instrument-that-is-xml-serialisation-in-c/ The XNA XML subsystem I find is woefully under documented. It’s not up to Microsoft’s usual standards. So the concept of the … Continue reading “XNA XML Serialisation Tips”

The blunt but useful instrument that is XML serialisation in C#

Original Author: Ben Carter Saving and loading data is, frankly, a bit of a pain in the arse. Whilst for a lot of cases I personally wouldn’t really recommend XML (runtime overhead if used in-game, lack of good merging with most source control systems, general unreadability), for saving data in tools (and sometimes caching state … Continue reading “The blunt but useful instrument that is XML serialisation in C#”