Even Error-Distribution: Rules for Designing Graphics Sub-Systems (Part III)

Original Author: Wolfgang Engel The design rule of “Even Error-Distribution” is very common in everything we do as graphics/engine programmers. Compared to the “No Look-up Tables” and “Screen-Space” rules, it is probably easier to agree on this principle in general. The idea is that whatever technique you implement, you face the observer always with a … Continue reading “Even Error-Distribution: Rules for Designing Graphics Sub-Systems (Part III)”

Stop it, Norway.

Original Author: Adam Rademacher Anders Behring Breivik wrote about World of Warcraft and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in his manifesto, before he decided to kill 77 people in Norway on 7/22.  Anders Behring Breivik is a raving lunatic who believes that violence is the best way to share his radical and esoteric viewpoints. … Continue reading “Stop it, Norway.”


Original Author: David Czarnecki TL;DR In a week, we’re running an internal Hack-A-Thon at the studio. It’ll be the third one we’ve run. For 24 hours, everyone in the company participates and can work on whatever project they’d like to work on as long it’s somewhat (for a very relaxed definition of somewhat) related to … Continue reading “Hack-A-Thon”


Original Author: Jameson Durall Walt Disney Imagineering which focuses on how Walt Disney created the parks and how the Imagineering group came into existence along with their practices.  The first part of the book talks about their philosophy and says that no one could tell Walt no…if you did, he would find someone who would say yes.  This … Continue reading “Yes…If”

Performance anxiety

Original Author: Kyle-Kulyk My team is currently entering the home stretch, our final month, before completion of our first title, Itzy (try the demo, plug plug plug)! It’s at this point that I was suddenly struck by near crippling performance anxiety.  What if the game flat-out doesn’t work?  Then what? Now, I need to step … Continue reading “Performance anxiety”