How I got into game development: a Latin American perspective.

Original Author: Nicolas Lamanna Present day So here I am on #AltDevBlogADay, about to press “Publish” while thinking it’s only fitting that my first post is the story of how I got into the game industry. What’s interesting about that or different? Well, not much really but for starters I live in Argentina and that’s … Continue reading “How I got into game development: a Latin American perspective.”

From Python to Lua

Original Author: Charilaos Kalogirou All game developers, sooner or later, learn to appreciate scripting languages. That magical thing that allows for letting others do your job, better scaling of the team, strengthening the game code/engine separation, sandboxing, faster prototyping of ideas, fault isolation, easy parametrization, etc. Every game has to be somehow data driven to … Continue reading “From Python to Lua”