Game Loops on IOS

Original Author: Kwasi Mensah Over at originally from our site that gives a high level overview on how we manage our game loop. Introduction (This post assumes you’re familiar with C, Objective-C and Cocoa.) Just like TV shows and films a video game’s visual representation can be broken down into frames, single snapshots of the … Continue reading “Game Loops on IOS”

Lightweight Lua Bindings

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm A scripting language, such as Lua, can bring huge productivity gains to a game project. Quick iterations, immediate code reloads and an in-game console with a read-eval-print-loop are invaluable tools. A less obvious benefit is that introducing a scripting language creates a clear dividing line between “engine” and “gameplay” code with … Continue reading “Lightweight Lua Bindings”

Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling – Generating Occlusion Volumes

Original Author: Nick Darnell Almost a year ago I wrote a couple of posts on Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling (HZB-OC). Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling – Shadows One very glaring issue I left largely untouched was the workflow issue.  Artists currently have to author all or a large percentage of the volumes … Continue reading “Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling – Generating Occlusion Volumes”

Micro Talks

Original Author: Paul Evans This is a quick write up of my thoughts about the micro talk format, its use in Lionhead’s “Creative Day” and the talks organized by Austin City Limits show). The “Micro Talk” format Every participant is given ten minutes to talk. A time keeper near the front of the stage flashes … Continue reading “Micro Talks”

A Word of Warning!

Original Author: Michael A. Carr-Robb-John Somewhere in the world, there are a group of individuals that have dedicated a great deal of their professional careers to building the basic tools we use every day, specifically in this instance I’m thinking of the compilers and linkers we use to build our games. I couldn’t even guess … Continue reading “A Word of Warning!”