Notes on Native Client & Pepper Plugin API

Original Author: Aras Pranckevičius Google’s TL;DR: it allows native code to be run securely in the browser. But is it secure? “Bububut, waitaminnit! Native code is not secure by definition” you say. Turns out, that isn’t necessarily true. With a specially massaged compiler, some runtime support and careful native code validation it is possible to … Continue reading “Notes on Native Client & Pepper Plugin API”

Team management : Use your authorities

Original Author: Julien Hamaide The ultimate goal of team management is to achieve milestones while maintaining confort and motivation of each team member. Mike Acton has wrote about this some month ago. Today, I’ll talk about different types of authorities that exists between the team members. Dr Gordon, a psychologist, distinguishes 4 types of authorities … Continue reading “Team management : Use your authorities”

Funny Games

Original Author: Eddie Cameron Why are there so few funny games? Recently we’ve had Portal 2, possibly the biggest release to have comedy as such a central intention. Aside from that however, we get some one-liners and a couple of comic relief characters. Why such a lack of games that make you laugh? In what … Continue reading “Funny Games”

Balance and Flow Maps

Original Author: Sean Houghton Heatmaps are an excellent tool for visualizing data with a two dimensional spatial component. They are frequently used to map out player deaths in shooter games. The most common heatmaps use the location of the victim and aggregate the number of kills as the visualized measure. However, this simple metric doesn’t … Continue reading “Balance and Flow Maps”