Your engine is deaf and your tool is dumb. What can you do about it? (Part 1)

Original Author: Nicolas Fournel Paradoxically, most audio engines are deaf. They take decisions that will impact the audio output of a game without listening to what they are playing. The same can be said of sound tools: they will randomize, pitch up and down, loop and combine sounds but they don’t really have any knowledge … Continue reading “Your engine is deaf and your tool is dumb. What can you do about it? (Part 1)”

Do we live for what our games give to people?

Original Author: Ann-Cudworth As some of you may know, I have recently developed an interest in making the games that I design for Second Life and other virtual worlds as accessible to disabled players as possible.  Over the last 10 days, one of them has been shown at SL8B, the laggy, cacophonous, eye candy filled street fair that … Continue reading “Do we live for what our games give to people?”


Original Author: James Podesta When I was young, I used to read all manuals like I read my fantasy novels. Take them into my bedroom for the weekend and read from the first page to the last, in order, skipping nothing. I would devour every piece of information in the order they chose to present … Continue reading “RTFM – TL;DR”

Platform Abstraction with C++ Templates

Original Author: Michael Tedder In a post a few months ago here on #AltDevBlogADay, Aras Pranckevičius discussed three approaches to eliminating the virtual function call overhead when using different class implementations on different platforms. One approach that wasn’t introduced in that post was one which utilizes templates.  Although there was some discussion in the comments … Continue reading “Platform Abstraction with C++ Templates”