Sound Libraries: Creative Springboards

Original Author: Michael Taylor

Sound libraries are key tools of sound designers everywhere, while the way they are used differ between individuals, mostly they are used to sweeten or enhance original creations. Recently, while working on a project I was caught short on a couple of obscure sound sources, and resorted to downloading a selection from my favourite sound library websites . While editing these sounds, for some reason I was reminded of a developer I worked with who solely used library effects, and wouldn’t entertain the idea of my even editing them.

This in turn reminded me of the numerous times in my earlier days of advertising my services on various game dev forums where pretty much all audio design discussion (by non-audio types) frequently turned to ‘just download it from a free library/website’, as well as a couple of discussions with some friends who had colleagues that would just drop a sound straight from a professional library into the game.

20th Century Fox Library, a library included with software such as Logic Studio or Sound Forge, or a downloaded boutique collection from independent vendors such as those listed at the bottom of this article.

One of the Hollywood produced sound libraries, as collated by their sound engineers over the years