Home Safety Castle- designing for people with disabilities

Original Author: Ann-Cudworth Earlier this year I was developing a scale model of a 4 sim build for a virtual world, utilizing a portable sim scenario called “Sim-on-a-stick”. When I had finished that model, which was a prototype for the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds Con 2011. With all the best intentions, I described how … Continue reading “Home Safety Castle- designing for people with disabilities”

Implementing a True realloc() in C++

Original Author: Michael Tedder Introduction As anyone who’s programmed using C++ would know, the language only provides two operators for memory management: new and delete.  No realloc()-like operator or function is available.  One can certainly use std::vector or other similar container which wraps the management of the array, handling the dynamic resizing within itself, however … Continue reading “Implementing a True realloc() in C++”