The Radical Optimizationist’s War on Abstraction and Patterns

Original Author: Jaymin Kessler Jaymin Kessler @okonomiyonda 2011 April 1st In this rant, I would like to address certain misconceptions regarding program performance on modern hardware.  Many programmers, not just amateur but also professional, do not properly understand the true responsibilities of the console game programmer.  This is mainly the fault of the so-called twitter … Continue reading “The Radical Optimizationist’s War on Abstraction and Patterns”

Steal This Idea: A Startup Guide for Evil Corporations

Original Author: Adam Rademacher Maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to establish a foothold in the game industry. Maybe you’re a seasoned vet who’s just tired of doing new and interesting things. Maybe you found a good idea and think that it should rightfully be yours. Or maybe you’re just an angry douche who wants … Continue reading “Steal This Idea: A Startup Guide for Evil Corporations”

#gamedev @mike_acton’s soft skills self-test

Original Author: Mike Acton This post started last week as a conversation over beers with a good friend of mine. We wanted to figure out: What soft skills are important for game developers. In any position, from intern to CEO. Programmers and artists. Designers and animators. Everyone. How could we figure out the relative importance … Continue reading “#gamedev @mike_acton’s soft skills self-test”