Mobile graphics API wishlist: performance

Original Author: Aras Pranckevičius Most mobile platforms currently are based on OpenGL ES 2.0. While it is much better than traditional OpenGL, there are ways where it limits performance or does not expose some interesting hardware features. So here’s an unorganized wishlist for GLES2.0 performance part! No guarantees when something expensive might happen. Due to … Continue reading “Mobile graphics API wishlist: performance”

The Gambler

Original Author: Pat Wilson Every few months a game studio closes, and there are largely two reactions: ‘genuine shock and outrage’, and ‘feigned shock and outrage’. The people in the second group feign shock and outrage mostly because they simply don’t want to argue with people in the first group. Before I go any further, … Continue reading “The Gambler”

My Elven warrior has PTSD

Original Author: Ben Carter “Hundreds of weapons and equipment choices!” “Characters react to your every decision!” “Uncountable plot branches and endings!” Typical marketing blurb for any modern game, particularly anything with “RPG” somewhere the list of genres it’s attempting to crossover and/or bust. More is better, particularly when it comes to player choice, obviously. …Right? … Continue reading “My Elven warrior has PTSD”