Should Be Land

Original Author: Jake Simpson Should Be Land Jake Simpson 6:45 pm on March 28, 2011 Counting comments… Have you guys ever noticed that game developers tend to live in this mythical land of ‘Should Be”? It’s quite a fascinating place, where things happen the way people think they should, rather than the way they actually … Continue reading “Should Be Land”

No Comment

Original Author: Francesco Carucci  When I interview a new C++ programmer, my favorite question is not about const-correctness or virtual tables, but: “Do you comment your code?”. I still ask about virtual tables, but asking about code comments always springs some interesting discussions and gives me a good insight about the level of care the … Continue reading “No Comment”

Design Cheat Codes

Original Author: Claire Blackshaw Disclaimer: I’m not claiming games which use these mechanics are in any way lesser. I’m merely highlighting these as easy ways to sauce up a game. Think of it like add ketchup / mayo / vinegar to your chips Working on several projects which have been technically limited, or constrained by … Continue reading “Design Cheat Codes”


Original Author: Eddie Cameron Why? Eddie Cameron 9:36 pm on March 27, 2011 Counting comments… There’s one question that we as devs don’t bother asking, don’t know the answer, or choose to ignore it, “Why should my game be made?”. All of us have a stake in the success and advancement of the industry. All … Continue reading “Why?”

Pop your head up

Original Author: Paul Evans There are times when people just want to get their head down and get their stuff done.   As a coder myself, I know the importance of having a stretch of uninterrupted time to finish a thought when coding.  Switching tasks abruptly can ruin the rhythm and flow of the creative process … Continue reading “Pop your head up”