Pick Up That Can: The Problem With Interactive Objects

Original Author: Norm Nazaroff This article has also been posted on my personal blog, Beyond the Norm. I’m sure that most of you have already seen the recently released Deus Ex 3 gameplay trailer. One of the game elements highlighted (/rimshot) in the footage is Eidos’ method of calling out interactive items in the game … Continue reading “Pick Up That Can: The Problem With Interactive Objects”

Putting The ‘You’ Back Into Unicode

Original Author: Garett Bass Today I will be sharing a public domain C++ implementation I developed for iterating, measuring, comparing, transcoding, and validating UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 strings. But first, a very brief overview of what I’m working toward, and a bit about Unicode. Then a few implementation details, and finally the obligatory download link. … Continue reading “Putting The ‘You’ Back Into Unicode”

Designing First Time User Experiences for Social Games

Original Author: Mitch Zamara Disclaimer: The following are my own opinions, and observations, and do not represent those of my employer, either past or present. Nothing in this document represents confidential or privileged information. Use this information at your own risk. After spending the last 2 years working in social games, I’ve had a chance … Continue reading “Designing First Time User Experiences for Social Games”

Thoughts on the Interview Process in the Game Industry

Original Author: Wolfgang Engel The interview process in the game industry follows fairly common standards. Here are a few thoughts on the process of hiring a person. The knowledge covered on this page is partly from my own experiences -mostly on the side of employers- and from anecdotal evidence. This text is considered an invitation … Continue reading “Thoughts on the Interview Process in the Game Industry”