Tips for Managing Multiple Coordinate Systems

Original Author: James Podesta Most programmers with any experience in 3D will have dealt with cartesian coordinates, in what we would call World Space. Graphics programmers will certainly have had a lot experience in homogeonous coordinates as well as View space and Screen space. Anyone dealing with animation or collision will have spent a lot … Continue reading “Tips for Managing Multiple Coordinate Systems”

Shadows – Thoughts on Ellipsoid Light Shadow Rendering

Original Author: Wolfgang Engel A shadow system in a modern game needs to be able to mimic a wide range of shadows. The following text describes a shadow system that was used in the RawK® demo that is tailored to Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset [RawK]. This demo prototypes the characteristics of an open world game, … Continue reading “Shadows – Thoughts on Ellipsoid Light Shadow Rendering”


Original Author: Steven Tovey This post is going to be much shorter as I’ve sadly been very pressed for time this last couple of weeks and as a result been unable to finish the other (longer) post I had original planned to the high standard that you all deserve. This post is talking about measuring … Continue reading “FPStress”

Managing Decoupling Part 3 – C++ Duck Typing

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm (Also posted in the BitSquid blog.) Some systems need to manipulate objects whose exact nature are not known. For example, a particle system has to manipulate particles that sometimes have mass, sometimes a full 3D rotation, sometimes only 2D rotation, etc. (A good particle system anyway, a bad particle system could … Continue reading “Managing Decoupling Part 3 – C++ Duck Typing”

Do or do not

Original Author: Paul Evans Assertion is a valuable tool that many languages provide, but recently I have come to think it is used too much and in the wrong places. I put forward the idea that asserts should not be found anywhere in the main body of your code. Permanently burying asserts deep inside your … Continue reading “Do or do not”