It’s a trap!

Original Author: Mike Acton Or,questions for engine teams to ask to avoid common traps. Are you trying to please everyone? This is easy to fall in to. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has stuff they think is critically important for success, in their opinion. But ultimately you have to realize that you simply can’t give … Continue reading “It’s a trap!”

A Smoky Kitchen

Original Author: Brett Douville David boarded the tour bus, smelling acrid smoke as he entered the main cabin. “Nigel, what’s going on in the kitchen, it smells like you let the Stonehenge effects off in here!” Nigel indicated a pan aside the stove. “I overcooked the pork patties.” “How did that happen? They take like four … Continue reading “A Smoky Kitchen”

It begins.

Original Author: Mike Acton Hello, World (CNC toaster / 2D thermal printer) Starting Saturday, 15 January (that’s now in some places) we will begin posting on #AltDevBlogADay. Learn more about what we’re doing on the #readme (for Readers) and the #readme (for Writers) pages. We have a great lineup of seasoned developers, indie up-and-comers and … Continue reading “It begins.”