Managing Decoupling

Original Author: Niklas Frykholm The only way of staying sane while writing a large complex software system is to regard it as a collection of smaller, simpler systems. And this is only possible if the systems are properly decoupled. Ideally, each system should be completely isolated. The effect system should be the only system manipulating … Continue reading “Managing Decoupling”

Tips and Tricks for Debugging Optimized Code

Original Author: Max Burke Everything’s fine, everything’s dandy, your game is humming along at 60fps, when suddenly (oh no!) it crashes! You attach a debugger but, oh no, this isn’t right… this isn’t right at all! If you’re lucky you might have some (albeit wrong) source code information, but more than likely you’re lost in … Continue reading “Tips and Tricks for Debugging Optimized Code”

Week 1: Round-up

Original Author: Mike Acton We’ve reached the end of the first week here at #AltDevBlogADay. It’s been really exciting to see such a great group of developers get together and share their experiences, ideas and feelings about the process. We’ve had a few bumps along the way (we’re still working out the site theme, hosting, … Continue reading “Week 1: Round-up”

Research tastes better when served with source

Original Author: Jonathan Adamczewski I’ve been reading a range of computing-related research in recent times and there’s one thing in particular that bugs me: research presented without (or with insufficient) source code. On several occasions I’ve attempted to implement a neat algorithm that I’ve read about and have been confounded: written explanations often confuse more … Continue reading “Research tastes better when served with source”