Original Author: Jaymin Kessler vect·i·quette [vect-i-kit, -ket] –noun 1. the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among programmers in their dealings with vector hardware: vector etiquette. 2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of SIMD programming, or a set of formal rules observed by programmers that actually care about … Continue reading “Vectiquette”

Akka Does Async

Original Author: Sean Parsons What On Earth Is This All About? To those who have not seen it, I’m going to introduce the highly useful Akka library and show how asynchronous software can be developed easily using it. Most programming languages provide some kind of threading capability, from fork() in C to Threads and ExecutorService … Continue reading “Akka Does Async”

If this is where we are, where the hell are we going?

Original Author: Matt Ditton Unlike the multitude of very talented people on this blog, today I won’t be telling you anything. Well except for what you can read between the lines. There will be no deeply technical information and no witty and funny anecdotes about the wacky history of my development experience. I’ll save them … Continue reading “If this is where we are, where the hell are we going?”

Rolling an iOS Game Engine Without Breaking the Bank

Original Author: James Podesta There are a lot of great engines out there now with very reasonable prices. Unity and Unreal being the most well known. However, for small iPhone games it is still possible to roll your own engine without getting bogged down in endless months of development. Even with the adequate 3d power … Continue reading “Rolling an iOS Game Engine Without Breaking the Bank”