#readme (for Writers)

Welcome aboard!

I’m sure you know the basics if you’re here, but just in case: you should read our Mission Statement.

So, next steps:
• Set up a Gravatar account for the email address you are using to post. This will enable your picture and bio information to be pulled through automatically (note that any changes to this take 24hrs to pull through).
• Make sure you have been set up with a user account and password for this site (by emailing admin@altdevblog.com with a little info on who you are and what angle you’d like to post from). Doing so will also add you to the AltDevBlogAuthors Google Group where you can post your draft and receive feedback from other authors.
• If you know someone who you think would be great to have on the blog, feel free to share this with them and help us build up a great roster of authors!


Is it just for programmers?
Definitely not! No matter what your specialty or background is, if you’re one of us, come on in and share!

Do I need to be a #gamedev to participate?
Not strictly, no. We have some people that aren’t actually game developers, but that just share some interests with us.

How often would I be posting?
Whenever you have something interesting to share with our readers. We’d rather have a low number of quality posts than rushed content to meet a deadline – we all know how that goes, right 😉 ? Having said that, we would like for new posts to be spread out so that we don’t have long periods with no new content. We will try and prepare a bi-weekly “release” schedule so that it doesn’t happen.

How do I post?
You log in to this site and post via the interface. You can use the visual editor, hand-craft html code via the HTML tab, or copy-paste from a Google doc or your favorite HTML editor.

What should I post about?
Post about whatever you want. It’s totally up to you. You can use what’s already there as a guideline or you can jump totally off the deep end and show us something different.

Some guiding principles to get you started:
•    Be personal! Use your own voice! We are not trying to be any kind of “definitive technical resource” here. The point is to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and ourselves with each other. Do not be afraid to express an opinion!
•    Be controversial! Don’t be afraid of saying something that people aren’t going to agree with. Controversy is interesting. It gets people to think! Tell us what you believe.
•    Be inspiring! Share your hard earned lessons and let other people know how they can make their own world a better place too!
•    Teach! It’s easy to forget that the stuff you know isn’t common knowledge. No matter how big or small the topic, there’s someone out here that can benefit from your expertise – so let it shine
•    We don’t post press-releases, blatant advertisements, etc.

Anything else?
In the era of clickbaits and cats ruling the world (ok, ok, they are cute), thoughtful, technical and challenging posts still have their place.  Write what you would like to read, what would get you inspired or what would help you solve that problem that has been nagging you for days. As Mike said in the original page, get “people to think and talk”; as with everything in this line of work, be proud of what you post.
We don’t claim exclusivity on any of your content, so feel free to cross-post here from your blog. Our goal is to reach the widest audience possible

Notice to authors: Every author retains copyright to their own posts. If for any reason you need to remove one of your posts, please let us know and we will help you do it. To reduce these occurrences to a minimum, please make sure your content is approved by your legal department (if you have one) or your company.